The Description:
Concerts conveniently allows you to find a list of concerts of all kinds on a given date in a given area. You will never miss a concert again with this simple but well organized application.

The Good:
The most clever aspect of the Concerts application is definitely the “my artists” function.  Simply click on the “my artists” button and the app will display the upcoming concerts of the artists you have in your iPhone music library. Concerts will not only tell you the date and time of the concert, but will also provide a map to the venue and help you find tickets.

The Bad:
There is obviously a threshold as to how big a band or a venue needs to be to be included in the database.  However, you will be surprised at the variety of relatively big and small artists you can find with this app.

The Bottom Line:
Concerts is the solution to your musical event related disorder and confusion.  This application will be incredibly useful to just about any music fan that is looking for info on upcoming concerts.

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