Drum Kit

The Description:
Find out what it feels like to rock out behind a real drum kit with this drumming simulator.  Drum Kit displays a bird’s eye view of a drum kit – all you have to do is touch the different drums to make beats.

The Good:
The sound of each drum is realistic and replicates the qualities of a true drum set well.  The program is very intuitive and requires very little explanations.  You simply touch a drum to trigger it.  If you are coordinated and dexterous enough with your fingers it is possible to create a real drum beat.

The Bad:
Drum Kit delivers some insight into what it’s like to be a drummer, but not much more.  Sometimes the reaction time of the program is not perfect, and the drums are very close together, making it likely to have some miss-hits.

The Bottom Line:
Drum Kit is a fun application to play around with, but it could be a bit better.  Perhaps if it provided some backing tracks to play along with, or offered a more fine-tuned interface, it would be a bit more entertaining. Still, as is, it is a fairly satisfying package.

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