Touch Lyrics 2 with 1M+ Licensed Lyrics

The Description:
Touch Lyrics is a cool application that allows you to sing along with your favorite songs that you already have in your iPhone.  Touch Lyrics is a well constructed combination of a media player and a lyrics search engine.  It automatically accesses your iPhone music library and displays the lyrics to the song you are listening to.  The lyrics even scroll automatically along with the pace of the song.

The Good:
Touch Lyrics is a clever concept for an iPhone app that turns your iPhone into a personal karaoke machine.  The media player aspect is well organized and easy to use. Touch Lyrics does all the work by automatically integrating your music library into the program, and by automatically searching for lyrics

The Bad:
The concept of this application is a great one, however the major flaw is that the lyrics database is far too narrow. Touch Lyrics will most likely not be able to find lyrics for many of your songs unless you only listen very popular music.

The Bottom Line:
Touch Lyrics is a clever concept that is pretty well organized and executed.  They simply need to figure out a way to expand their lyrics database.

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