Spanish 101

The Description:
Spanish 101 is a useful utility for learning the basics of the Spanish language.  The app contains categories such as food and dining, town and country, and simple phrases that are crucial for navigating Spanish speaking countries.

The Good:
Within each category is a list of crucial words and phrases.  This comes in handy when searching for common terms and sentences. One great feature is that you can have the application play an audio example of how to say each word properly.  Each category also has a series of quizzes that will help you solidify your knowledge and find out where your weaknesses are.

The Bad:
Spanish 101 is incredibly limited in the amount of content it covers.  For each category there is only a relatively short list of words that leaves out a lot of important information.  If you do not have any previous knowledge of Spanish, this program will not prepare you to navigate a Spanish speaking country or converse with a Spanish speaking person.

The Bottom Line:
While Spanish may be useful to brush up on your Spanish or to prepare key words and phrases to clumsily navigate a foreign country, it is not a very comprehensive language course.  The quizzes are somewhat useful, however studying other sources as well will be necessary to gain a passable knowledge of Spanish.

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