Unblock Me

The Description:
Unblock Me is a simple, yet challenging puzzle game that will find you straining your brain for solutions.  On the square board, you are presented with an arrangement of different-sized brown blocks and one red one.  In order to successfully complete each puzzle you must shift around the blocks until the red target block is able to escape through the exit.

The Good:
Unblock Me is a mentally taxing brainteaser game that will be sure to sharpen your mind over prolonged periods of playing.  Choose either “challenge mode,” which counts the number of moves you make to complete the puzzle, or “relax mode” which does not include this somewhat stressful element.  Each puzzle presents a seemingly impossible challenge that slowly becomes more possible as you work through it.  Completing each puzzle results in a true feeling of satisfaction.

The Bad:
Unblock Me is definitely not a passive, thoughtless game.  You need to devote a good amount of thought and attention in order to be successful at these puzzles.  Often times when people are looking for iPhone games, they want an undemanding novelty.  That is definitely not what this game is.  To some it may seem like a chore or a reminder of some old I.Q. puzzles they may have been put through

The Bottom Line:
Unblock me is an intelligent and challenging game that will exercise your spatial intelligence if you put sincere effort into it.  While frustrating at times, it can also be equally as fun and satisfying.

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