Virtuoso Piano Pro Classic

The Description:
Virtuoso is a simple no-frills keyboard application that allows you to play tones and melodies on a virtual piano.

The Good:
Virtuoso has some clever features such as key labels and a “play along” feature that allows you to play with songs from your iPhone music library.  This application is handy for visualizing and figuring out melodies if you are composing a song, and could potentially be used to help tune an instrument.  Another good feature that improves on some other keyboard apps is the way that you are able to access different sections of the keyboard.  In this app there is a slide bar above the keyboard, which allows you to still be able to glide your finger along the keyboard itself to more realistically mimic sliding between notes on a piano.

The Bad:
Virtuoso is a bit limited, but it is also a bit more accessible than some of the more elaborate offerings in this genre.

The Bottom Line:
Virtuoso is a good application that has realistic piano sounds.  While mostly a novelty application, it could be useful in some situations, but probably not too many.

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