NLog Synthesizer

The Description:
Nlog is a fun and easy to use application that simulates a classic analog synthesizer.

The Good:
With the ability to adjust the attributes of the sound such as cutoff, dry/wet, and attack, this app gives you a good amount of control over the way you can customize the sound of the keyboard. Nlog allows you to easily access different octaves by sliding your finger back and forth along the keyboard.  The synthesizer even has a pitch wheel which makes the keyboard more expressive by allowing you to change the pitch of a note while you hold it down.  You can also select different sounds in order to change the quality of the keyboard completely.

The Bad:
It is difficult to be able to access a wide range of notes all at once due to the fact that you can only see an octave and a half of the keyboard at any given time and must slide back and forth to play different octaves.

The Bottom Line:
While it may not be quite the same as playing your favorite classic analog synthesizer, Nlog does surprisingly well at mimicking the dynamic sounds and features that these keyboards have.

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