Steel Guitar

The Description:
A real lap steel guitar is a beautiful and fun instrument to play, but it’s not the most portable instrument out there. “Steel Guitar,” as its name implies, is a lap steel guitar simulator.  Touch individual strings to play single notes, or glide your finger vertically across multiple strings to play chords.  Simultaneously move your left finger horizontally across the fret board to simulate the slide effect that lap steel guitars are known and loved for.

The Good:
“Steel Guitar” is fun and easy to use. This application is sure to please everyone from musicians to music appreciators.  The user can control multiple sound parameters including everything from different tunings of the instrument, to effects like reverb, chorus, and tone.  The quality of the sounds is quite good and remains faithful to the unique sound of a lap steel guitar.

The Bad:
At any given time, the user can only view and have access to a small portion of the guitar fret board (six frets).  In order to access a different portion of the fret board, the player must pause and use both fingers in order to scroll.

The Bottom Line:
Overall, “Steel Guitar” is a fun and satisfying musical novelty application.  Although true musicians will not be able to replace their expensive equipment with this app, it is certainly a fun way to pass time and even try out some melodic ideas. This application has more in depth features than one might expect.

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