BeatBox Live

The Description:
Jam along with pre-made loops on this simple and intuitive drum-machine application.  Simply choose your kid, your loop pack, press play, and let the creative fun begin.

The Good:
The loops in Beatbox are simple and sparse enough to allow you to easily “jam” and create a beat to fill out the song.  The response time of the pads on the drum machine is good and allows you to faithfully keep up with the tempo of the loops.  There is a wide variety of percussive sounds that allow you to be creative and invent dynamic rhythms.

The Bad:
Sometimes the program is not able to handle two different drum machine pads being triggered at the same time.  In some cases when you want to sounds to overlap it simply chooses one and discards the other.  Also, the app does not allow you to record your beats, making it more of a novelty than something where any kind of finished product can be created

The Bottom Line:
Beatbox is a very clean and intuitively designed beat laboratory.  The main limiting factor is that you cannot record or play back the beats you create.  Despite this, the app will be enjoyable for anyone from the most inexperienced musician to a seasoned beat-maker.

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