Mad Libs

The Description:
Mad Libs adapts the classic children’s word game to an easy to use iPhone application.

The Good:
It makes a lot of sense for Mad Libs to be turned into a computer game.  With this version Penguin Group makes it a lot easier to have the contents of the stories remain a surprise even for the person filling in the words.  The game simply asks for a series of words one at a time, and then reveals the whole paragraph with all of the words filled in.

The Bad:
The App could use some more stories. It’s also exactly what you expect without a lot of extra features.

The Bottom Line:
You will find that the iPhone application version of Mad Libs is just as side-splittingly funny as the game you played as a kid.  While you may think of it as a children’s game, with a little imagination it can become great fun for people of all ages.

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