Guitar Chords

The Description:
Guitar Chords is an incredibly useful tool for any guitarist.  Find out how to play just about any chord you can think of with this must-have musician’s utility.  Once you have downloaded this application, you will wonder what you ever did without it.

The Good:
With an amazingly clean and straightforward interface, Guitar Chords makes it astonishingly easy to find out how to play any chord on the guitar.  Simply use the left scroll wheel to choose a key, and then use the right scroll wheel to choose the type of chord.  This application covers just about every type of chord you could think of, such as major, minor, diminished, and suspended chords.  The top part of the screen shows exactly where to place your fingers on the guitar fret board.

The Bad:
Guitar Chords is a simple application, and only shows you where to put your fingers in order to play a certain chord.  It is not an entire guitar lesson package in an iPhone application.  Also, it does not allow you to hear the chords so that you know that what you are playing sounds right.

The Bottom Line:
Guitar Chords is a very useful application that delivers exactly what it claims.  This application will prove to be an extremely useful tool for any song-writer or guitar player.

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