What’s That Song?

The Description:
‘What’s That Song’ takes your iPhone music library and turns it into a fun music trivia game.  Test how much you really know about your own music with this highly entertaining application.

The Good:
‘What’s That Song’ is very successful at doing what it sets out to do. It expands, albeit slightly, on the song trivia game that comes standard on all iPods.  The interface is simple, yet cohesive and aesthetically pleasing.  One of the best features is that at any point in the game the application allows you to listen to the whole song after you have guessed the title.

The Bad:
The game could be more dynamic if the questions varied more.  The only question you are asked every time is the song title when other aspects such as band name could more thoroughly test your knowledge.

The Bottom Line:
‘What’s That Song’ is an entertaining little treat that almost any iPhone user will enjoy completely.  The application only plays songs you love because they are from your own music library!

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