Movie Buff

With close to 2,000 questions, Movie Buff challenges your movie knowledge by presenting you with question after question of multiple choice trivia.

The fast loading time is great. Also, this app does one of my favorite things: I can play it while listening to my own music! This is a great game for killing time in the car or on the subway to work. It is simple, fun, and a good test of knowledge that expands its base of movie questions over the last eight decades of cinema. I received questions from as recent as 2009, and as dated as the 1930’s.

While the questions varied by decade, the choice of actors did not. I understand that this is a lite version I am playing, but I was not the only one, according to iTunes, who had this complaint. It seemed as if the developers picked a few actors and directors, researched their Wikipedia or IMDB account, then inputted everything they found. Over 80% of my questions focused on the same 5 people. I hope this is not how the full version works, because I would be very unhappy and bored very quickly.

A great time killer, this app is fast, lets you listen to your own music while you play, and helps build your movie trivia knowledge. However, a lack of variety severely hurts this game’s chances of success.

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