Rat on The Run

The Description:
In this fun cartoon-style platform game, help your character “Ratty” navigate his way through a house to help him find food to satiate his hungry stomach.  Enemies lurk around every corner, trying to prevent Ratty from reaching his goal.  Jump over the monsters and spikes to find pieces of cheese and win the game!

The Good:
“Rat on the Run” has a well-designed platform that allows for a variety of situations for Ratty to navigate.  The game has a simple control system where tapping once on a given side of the screen will cause Ratty to walk in that direction until he hits either a stop sign or a wall.  Considering that developers had to come up with their own concepts for controls for the game due to the lack of physical buttons on the iPhone, this is a pretty good solution.  The automatic walking leaves your brain and hands free to worry about more pressing issues in the game.

The Bad:
Since you automatically walk across the screen, the game can make you feel like you do not have much control over your character. This makes for a bit of a detached experience, but it doesn’t take away from the game too much.

The Bottom Line:
Rat on the Run is pretty limited in some ways.  The control system makes it easy and intuitive to play, but it also makes it so that there is only so much you can do.  Having said that, Rat on the Run is still a pretty amusing game.

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