GetPacked: packing list

Get Packed uses a simple questionnaire to develop personalized packing checklists for many different occasions

Unlike UPacking List, Get Packed creates the lists for you and allows editing. This is done by asking a few questions about your destination, reason for travel, and your trip plans. It has country personalization in order to better fit certain cultures. It also creates To Do lists with pre-departure tasks like turning off the water or taking out the trash. In addition, it has a send feature so you can send created lists to others who may be traveling. This is a great feature for parents looking to take care of their children when they travel.

The app needs more functionality in terms of personalization. Questions should ask about family size and demographics of travelers. For example, one user complained that it suggested bringing toys to keep children busy. Unfortunately, she does not have kids, so these items only clog up her list. While very useful, the profile information system needs improvement.

A much different application than its competitors, Get Packed’s personalization is great for making quick travel lists. However, the information systems need work. I recommend the app, but expect to have a few irregular item recommendations from time to time.

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