Shanghai WOW! City Guide

Shanghai WOW is an iPhone app meant to be a guide to the city of Shanghai. It encases the power of Google maps as well as hundreds of photos to help someone make the most of their trip.

The app first off links to Google Maps, giving you the most updated maps. Also, it upgrades you past map view by showing everything in picture view. It includes not just places to go, but tips and advice on how to save you money in Shanghai. It also includes attraction addresses and subway directions, making it a fabulous app to have on the go in the city. While limited, the app also has offline capability. The tips are very helpful according to reviews and the layout is very user-friendly. The app also allows the user to customize their searches for attractions or restaurants by specifying features such as “romantic” or “trendy.”

Without actually being able to test the app in Shanghai, I cannot tell you how well the app performs. However, I think this app does not include everything. I mean how can it? Shanghai is a huge city and if you were able to find all its magic in one iPhone app, what would be the point of exploring?

An app that can simply not feature everything Shanghai has to offer, Shanghai WOW! does its best to give the user a taste of the city in the palm of your hand. I recommend having this app if visiting the city. The nearby locator would definitely be a helpful tool if ever lost!

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