Manic Marble 3

Manic Marble 3 is a game that utilizes the motion detection and acceleration sensors of your device. The objective of the game is to clear levels of obstacle courses.

This game is not your average game of Labyrinth. Actually, it is not a labyrinth but a more mature version of Super Monkey Ball. Rather than using a typical level selection screen, the game uses an interactive level selection world which helps you learn how to control the marble. The game is challenging and there are many levels to keep a player busy. Compared to similar versions of this game, this is one of the higher quality apps available.

I found three problems. First being that you cannot play your own music while playing the app. Thus, the background music becomes tiring after long periods of gameplay. Second is the inconsistency in restart points upon falling off the course. Third is the speed of the game. I say this because it can cause motion sickness if played for long periods of time.

This game is worth trying. There is a free version, so try before you buy. Being that this is the third version, expect a high quality and fast paced game.

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