Stadium Sounds: Crowd – Horn – Cheering – Rattle – Hum – Arena

Full of real-life stadium sounds, this little application allows you to display your emotion of the game by bringing the sounds of the stadium to you!

Don’t watch the world cup without it! Great for the office as the sounds are great for quiet areas to give a small shout-out or celebration to your favorite team. There 7 pre-recorded sounds and a record-your-own option. Of the sounds, included is the classic “GOOOOALLLL!”

Without a set of speakers, this app is useless other than a way to draw attention in small areas. Working off of an iPhone speaker is no way to display game sounds, but unfortunately this is your only way of doing so with this app.

Great for the office but not for the outdoors, Stadium Sounds gives you a few quick ways to show your game-time emotion for a very affordable price. Worth it for the fun, easy-to-use, and always useful for a laugh.

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