An app that blends Facebook and Google Maps, Toodalu harnesses the power of GPS technology and social networking. By marking your location, Toodalu uses Facebook to find nearby friends’ locations and allows them to see yours, eliminating the need to call or text a bunch of people to find something to do tonight.

Great for people with an iPhone. By marking your toodal location, a simple toodalu will tell you the proximity of your Facebook friends. In a fight with a friend and you do not want them to know your location, but you still want to send a Toodalu? Toodalu gives you the option to show which friends are of high importance when looking for people on the map, and gives the option of hiding your Toodalu location from specific people. It is updated with the maps technology, making sure the locations you input are recent and up-to-date. It is now also linked to Twitter, giving you a second group of followers to send Toodals to. Since its release, this app has gained a lot of popularity. If you look at the itunes Rating, it does not give justice as version 2.0 has received for the most part, 4 and 5 star ratings. With the release of multitasking capability on the iPhone 4, you are now able to leave this app constantly running, correcting problems of the previous versions.

One drawback is seeing the likelihood of all your friends using this app. Also, it is currently only available for the iPhone. Fortunately, Blackberry and Droid versions are on the way, and non-iPhone users are able to use an internet- based application from their phone or PC to see Toodals left by iPhone users. Without wifi, iPod Touch users are left in the dark, as with most apps that need 3G or wifi.

A free, and much-improved app since its release, I highly recommend you begin using Toodalu. Save your minutes, save the disappointment of calling a hundred people before making plans, and just Toodal already!

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