uPacking List is the predesigned application for making packing for trips, vacations, or even just getting up in the morning super-easy.

There are so many items, close to 300, already put in the inventory of things to remember to pack. Furthermore, all of the items are categorized. These items include “things to remember” like shut off the water or lock the door. The full version allows you to enter new items if the company forgot something. You can change the theme to your liking, can save lists so you can reuse the same checklist day after day! Also, a good feature is being able to send the list over email to any of your contacts.

A good idea as a free app, but why would I pay for something like this? I get as much value from writing a list on my computer and emailing it to my friends. Also, while it is good if you have a daily checklist, I think it is just easier to use a pen and paper. There truly is nothing that wrong with the app. It just is not something that is a “must-have” and more of a “luxury.”

Definitely useful, but simply put, it is a digital improvement of just using a pen and paper. I guess if you want to go green, this app will save you some paper.

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