Zombies Vs. Vampires

Control either the Zombie or Vampire army and decide the destiny of Earth in the final battle for power. Players attack and defend territories by using portals to produce dragons, ogres, trolls, and more to destroy the opposing army and win control of earth.

Zombies vs. Vampires is a very entertaining strategy game that allows for hours of gameplay. Players choose to control either the Zombie or Vampire army, each includes their own unique infantry units, and battle for control of earth. The game includes 16 levels of gameplay, unlockable infantry units, and two different viewpoints making for an epic “Twlight-esque” battle. The game play is unique in that you select portals on a battlefield to produce different units which ensures that no level will be the same.

The only real negative aspect of this game is the music. First of all players are not given the option to listen to their own music during gameplay, leaving them subject to the corny “horror film” soundtrack that is included with the game. Also players are not able to choose different difficulty settings, which could frustrate users for which the game is too easy or too hard.

Zombies vs. Vampires is a very entertaining strategy game that boasts a strong story line and high replay value. It is a steal at $0.99 and is a must have game. It is challenging, fun, and forces players to use their brain in order to win control of earth for their desired army.

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