Nikita the Whale


Nikita the Whale ($.99 on the iTunes Store) is a wonderful story that entertains children while teaching them about friendship and teamwork. The illustrations are brilliant, cheerful and friendly. The music is upbeat and encouraging. The app has 3 modes- a text-based story, narrated story, and an interactive game mode. The game is basically a continuation of the story and involves finding Nikita’s missing food. Children help him on his search by finding the food that is edible for Blue Whales by tapping objects on the screen.


After buying The Bronto Family Adventure (the first release of the READ and PLAY series) and seeing how well my little ones responded to the app, I decided to try their newest release- Nikita the Whale. I am pleased to report that the children seem to be even more entertained by this adventure. They are absorbed and intrigued by the illustrations in these apps, and the reading mode is great practice for my 6 year old. The narration mode is great for the younger ones too. And of course all of my children enjoy the game mode. Good value for the $.99 price tag for the hours of practical and productive entertainment it provides for kids (resulting in peace of mind for me). This is a truly great app to keeps kids occupied on road trips or in waiting rooms.


The only bad news is that the rest of these apps aren’t out yet. I can’t wait for the release of the next app from this series.


Nikita the Whale is a high quality reading and gaming experience for children. The READ and PLAY format is highly successful at keeping kids entertained, and the fact it’s based on reading makes it all the better. I don’t feel guilty when I my children spend hours playing with this app, and I encourage them to do so. Well worth the $.99.

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