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Who Do You Call? ($2.99 on the iTunes Store) is a fun-filled and playful educational app. The illustrations are bright, friendly and amusing. The music is upbeat and encouraging (with a convenient mute option to avoid driving parents crazy). The app has 2 modes, an educational section and a game mode. The learning phase allows children to scroll though an assortment of jobs and read and/or hear their descriptions. The game is essentially an interactive extension of the educational portion which asks children to piece together a picture of the person that performs the job that is described.


The app is great for kids.  There are some humorous jobs, like Superhero, mixed in with real-life careers. All of the illustrations are amusing and inviting. The app serves its purpose of teaching kids about the world of the workplace, and importantly does it in a way that is fun and entertaining. Who Do You Call? is based on technology that is currently being used by the New York Public School system and was created by two developers who have deep experience with educational tools.


The app does what it claims to do both in terms of education and entertainment.  It could be a little more in-depth in terms of the job descriptions, but this does not take away from the experience overall.


Who Do You Call is a high quality and entertaining learning tool for children. It is packed with enough content to keep children entertained for hours at a time. The app is based on technology used in schools, so I don’t feel guilty when I let my children spend our travel time playing with this app – in fact, I encourage them to do so. Definitely worth the $2.99.

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  1. nice app

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